Tribes - The Occupation of Alcatraz Island

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Series - History | Drama

In 1969, the Native Americans occupied Alcatraz Island for 19 months. This is their story.

The Rainstorm

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Limited Series - History | Drama

This is the story of "Blind Tom" Wiggins, an autistic savant born into slavery in the pre-Civil War South.


In Development

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No Time For Bowling

Comedy / Drama

Six women nearing their seventies share the adventure of a life time, fueled by medical marijuana and a desire to help people in pain.

The White Lady Legend of La Llorona

Feature - Horror

Young Maria Santana always wondered why her parents were so secretive regarding her relatives and longed to know more about her family and culture. A chance trip to Mexico connects her to an ancient legend and thrusts her on a dangerous quest that promises to change her life forever - if she survives.

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The D

Series - 1-Hour Drama

The rags-to-riches tale of the Chamber Brothers, who in the late 1970s became multi-millionaires and controlled the underground narcotics industry in Detroit.

Viva America

Series - 1-Hour Drama

Experimental weapons of war has left the US a crumbling, unsustainable nation. As the global hierarchy is being inverted, survivors must seek refuge in foreign countries. Our heroes are stretched to the limit as they try to reconcile loss, isolation, fear, and the manifestation of enhanced abilities. 

The show will explore global power structures, nationalism, retribution and anarchy, while fitting human conflict within the context of enhanced humans in a world gone wrong.

Dystopian | Drama

‘Lost’ meets ‘Heroes’



Series - 1-Hour Drama

Every 250,000 years the Earth's magnetic poles swap polarity. Now, the human race is deteriorating at a rapid rate. But the younger generation may have the key to save them. 

Dystopian | Action | Drama

'Altered Carbon' meets 'The 100'

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Digital DNA

Feature - Sci-Fi / Family

A last-minute Christmas present goes awry when software engineer Ken Morgan passes on an unfinished video game to his young son Troy.  When the game's characters start to leak into his world, Ken must overcome his fears to save the town and his son.

Hell In High Heels

Feature - Comedy

Mica Prince was at the top of his game, the highest earner at his British e-mail scam office and crushing it with the ladies. But when he tries to scam a voodoo priestess in the bayous of Louisiana, he gets a curse placed on him that transforms him into a woman. Now Mica must travel across the world as a woman in order to get the curse reversed.




Love On Rye


Series - Animated

Ricky Hotmed


Series - Animated


Lucky - Animated