Thematically similar to BoJack Horseman with the rhythm and pace of Bob's Burgers and Family Guy cut-aways, Lucky is a workplace cartoon about a washed-up wannabe rockstar turned casino security guard. 

Animated Series


Keith Sullivan, known to all his acquaintances as Lucky, once had dreams of rock and roll stardom, but now he lives a nightmare as a forty-year-old security guard at the Irish themed Leprechaun’s Pot casino. Desperately in lust with his boss Stephanie, a woman sickened by the sight of him, and nicknamed Lucky because he slept with the ugliest girl at the casino, and possibly the world, our hero labors away day after day kissing whiny Gambler’s asses and trying to get along with his fellow employees, most of whom are half his age, and most of whom hate his guts. The lone exception to those who despise Lucky is Gerald Cummings, an aspiring guitarist who actually thinks it’s cool that Lucky made an album with his band The Nun Jumpers twenty years earlier, even though nobody but Lucky and his bandmates ever heard the album. Unfortunately, Lucky doesn’t appreciate the fact that Gerald is actually impressed. Lucky is a man who is not used to admiration, and therefore it makes him uncomfortable. Fortunately, other than Gerald, Lucky’s fellow employees all view him as a middle-aged loser or they don’t view him at all.

Wisecracking poker dealer Mario, obnoxiously fake slot attendant Heather, mush mouthed security guard Abe, hideously ugly promotions girl Monica, and the utterly useless director of security John Snyder are just some of the employees Lucky deals with on a daily basis who cause him to chug whiskey and contemplate ending it all.

Leprechaun’s Pot is always abuzz with outrageous happenings. Hostage situations, heart attacks, suicides, brawls and burglaries are just some of the many things that await a security guard on a daily basis.

That's why we call him Lucky.

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